University of Minnesota

Teaching Specialist for the School of Physics and Astronomy. I run discussion and laboratory sessions for introductory physics classes, including PHYS 1101W/Introductory College Physics and PHYS 1222/Introductory College Physics for Life Science Majors II.

University of Arizona

Teaching Assistant for ASTR 203/Stars.  Tier 2 Science Course, University of Arizona.  This course is taught by Dr. Tom Fleming in the Flandreau Planetarium Full-Dome Theater.  As a TA for this course, I learned to use the Uniview planetarium program at Flandreau Planetarium. I also helped at star parties for the class, where students were asked to identify stars and constellations visible in the sky.

2021: Received the Department of Astronomy Teaching Award.

Spring 2020: I helped transition the class to remote learning and ran the course for a month while the instructor was on medical leave. During this time, I taught the course remotely, wrote/administered exams, and was the point of contact for my students who were struggling during the pandemic.

Spring 2019:  I taught two classes, incorporating full-dome imagery into talks about the interstellar medium and the Milky Way Galaxy.

Flandreau Planetarium, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

University of Illinois

Grader and Observatory Operator for University of Illinois Astronomy Department, 2013-2015. I was trained to use the 12″ refractor telescope at the University of Illinois and led evening observing sessions using this and an 8″ Dobsonian telescope. During the day, I led solar observing sessions with multiple filters. I also graded homework/exams and hosted office hours for introductory astronomy classes.

Solar Eclipse Lime, OR, August 21, 2017