I work with Professor Dan Marrone at the University of Arizona to study gravitationally lensed dusty star forming galaxies one billion years after the Big Bang.  I am also a member of the South Pole Telescope Submillimeter Galaxy (SPT SMG) collaboration.  My research primarily uses observations from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

Solar Eclipse 2017
Lime, OR

First-Author Papers

Nature of the Diffuse Source and Its Central Point-like Source in SNR 0509-67.5
Litke et al…837..111L

Very Large Array antenna at the Synthesis Imaging Workshop
Socorro, NM


The Origin of Galaxies, Stars, and Planets in the Era of ALMA, November 2017
The Structure of a Gravitationally Lensed Dusty Star-forming Galaxy at z=5.7 (poster)

14th Synthesis Imaging Workshop, June 2015

AAS Meeting #223, January 2014
Determining the Intrinsic Shapes of Galaxies in the RESOLVE and ECO Surveys (poster)…22325422L




2017 face-to-face
Tucson, AZ

Collaboration Papers

Fast molecular outflow from a dusty star-forming galaxy in the early Universe
Spilker et al…361.1016S

A Massive Core for a Cluster of Galaxies at a Redshift of 4.3
Miller et al

Galaxy Growth in a Massive Halo in the First Billion Years of Cosmic History
Marrone et al…51M

ISM Properties of a Massive Dusty Star-forming Galaxy Discovered at z ~7
Strandet et al…842L..15S

SPT0346-52: Negligible AGN Activity in a Compact, Hyper-starburst Galaxy at z = 5.7
Ma et al…832..114M

ALMA Imaging and Gravitational Lens Models of South Pole Telescope—Selected Dusty, Star-Forming Galaxies at High Redshifts
Spilker et al…826..112S

The Redshift Distribution of Dusty Star-forming Galaxies from the SPT Survey
Strandet et al…822…80S

A survey of the cold molecular gas in gravitationally lensed star-forming galaxies at z > 2
Aravena et al

An ALMA view of the interstellar medium of the z = 4.77 lensed starburst SPT-S J213242-5802.9
Béthermin et al…586L…7B